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AJD is a lifestyle practiced for many years, in which nothing is accidental. Our designs are inspired by the philosophy of yoga, which occupies an important place in the designer's heart. The body connects with the mind, and the clothes reveal a piece of mystery that each of us is. We are an autonomous brand that has faithfully followed the path taken from the beginning. Thanks to the multi-use of our clothes, you have many options - just like in life. The only limitation is your own imagination.


As Ernest Hemingway used to say: "There is no one thing that is true, everything is true." The truth about us is made of the image that is our language in communicating with the world. We create our clothes with passion and give it a soul. Therefore, we do not focus on the masses, only on exceptional individuals. If you are a conscious and confident person who knows and understands the meaning of the image - welcome to the world of AJD. Regardless of the country, our common language is passion and love. The passion was born in Copenhagen, Dublin was the next route, and love for good blossomed in Warsaw.

Quality and customer satisfaction are the values that drive us. We are united in how different we are. Perfection is not perfection but it is the style that shows how good we feel about ourselves, we accept ourselves and infect others with joy and a smile that flows from the inside. Our clients are such personalities.

Autonomy. Language. Excellence - Agi Jensen Design.


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